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Prolong Erection? – This may come as a shock to you.

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Do you want to prolong your erection or do you want control?

If you’re like me and most other men you want more than just a prolonged erection, doubling it would be considered a success, right? –  However…
a major multinational study by Revicki et al. (2008) found that what most males who suffer from premature ejaculation wanted was control!

Across the US, UK, Italy, France, Germany, and Poland the scientists found lack of control resulted in feelings of dissatisfaction, inadequacy, anguish and misery. Continued premature ejaculation usually led to relationship conflict and breakups.

What is the average male erection time?

A Five-nation Survey to Assess the Distribution of the Intravaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time among the General Male PopulationIt varies quite widely depending on which country you are from but the average time is about eight and a half minutes according to a study reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  This is the time measured using a stop watch once the penis has entered the vagina until you ejaculate. Interestingly when the men were asked how long they thought they had an erection inside their partners vagina they overestimated by nearly 2 minutes!

Consider that the earlier Kinsey studies found that  almost 75% of American males ejaculate within 2 minutes after entry, whereas females need 15 to 30 minutes of intercourse to orgasm.

Ejaculation relief but no satisfaction

Ejaculating may make us feel relieved but when our partner does not orgasm it leaves us feeling less than satisfied.  Females do not expect us to bring them to orgasm every time, sometimes they are happy for us to just get it over and done with, surprised? … more about this later.

For me, even though when I used my hands and mouth to give my partner sexual satisfaction and timed my entry, I felt as if making love, lacks the intimacy, the connection… something is missing. My inability to stay erect affected my love life not just my than my sex life.

The early ejaculation ego dentArt of making love prolong erection

Premature ejaculation made me feel just a little inferior, less manly somehow. Mostly anxious, frustrated, and disappointed

What’s more our partner knows we feel inadequate and don’t say anything in case they “dent our ego” or”offend us”.  They make light of it because they love us but somehow this makes it worse.

A Prolonged erection means...

that when you both orgasm at the same time, there is that peak shared moment of total abandonment,  exhilaration,  expansion... everything that makes us feel satisfied.. those shared moments of release, tenderness, connection, vulnerability and euphoria.

What the studies on premature ejaculation show

Revecki et. al.’s study also found that, contrary to popular belief that men do not want longer erections because it makes them feel like studs or feeds their egos,  But that they want to stay erect to give themselves and our partners total sexual fulfillment.

our level of satisfaction is directly linked to our partner’s satisfaction.

Who is to blame for your premature ejaculation?

It’s not your fault that you don’t have automatic control, it’s not like our penises come with a user manual. Suddenly one-day it has a mind of its own and we are left to figure it out, often in a cloud of guilt, confusion and innuendo.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in your early years a mentor appeared that explained to you not only what was happening but how you can satisfy yourself and ultimately your partner…what’s best practice until you mastered prolonging your erection?

The truth is, if you are a healthy male and you don’t suffer from a physical cause of erectile dysfunction you can control and maintain your erection until your partner orgasms as many times as she desires or until you decide to ejaculate.

What is the critical measure of success of any product or treatment to staying erect?

Man ultimate control prolong erection

The research says … ULTIMATE CONTROL, of course – NOT pills or creams…. that’s just treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Get the right advice

I know there are a lot of free tips and techniques out there, some of them which do more harm than good, so finally I invested, a surprisingly small amount, in myself and my relationship and got some advice from a professional sex educator who explained a simple 3 step process.

No, its not an instant fix (although there are 14 emergency tactics), I found out what really works and then put it into practice.

next step to prolong your erection

It made a lot of sense and gave me back my self-esteem and confidence. Of course once you gain a bit of this, it all becomes easier and you wonder what you were so worried and nervous about in the first place.

I did not tell my partner at first and knew I was onto a good thing when she said jokingly one night “Sean, are you having an affair – is someone coaching you?

Thankfully the whole transaction is confidential and instantaneous.

Sex is great, make the most of it. To your health.


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next step to prolong your erection


You can read more tips or prolong erection techniques, alternatively you can consider natural ways to prolong erection or pills to prolong erection.


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  1. if a man prolongs coital act for 1 to 2 hrs ,the phallus will become a solid stud. the semen too will become very fertile as well triple the quantity of normal ejaculation. it will give orgasm to partner.

    1. Thanks ys.subramanyam, interesting. However the biggest problem is that most men cannot sustain an erection for more than a few minutes and this is what we are trying to address.
      regards Sean

  2. Even age matters younger males do have pre mature ejaculation more frequently but it reduces with age and sexual times

    1. Hi Expedio,
      Yes, age and experience helps but often this is marginal without some extra training. If your partner is happy then you need not do more and this is often the driver for even mature age men to seek help.

    1. This is possible with regular and graded practices of edgeing, etc. After after a few months you will be able to dry orgasm (ejaculating without cumming) which can be a very spiritual experience.

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