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I’m Sean Anthony and I would like to thank you for visiting Prolong Erection –  top techniques to prolong your erection.

Premature ejaculation has been recognized as a medical syndrome for well over 100 years. Despite this, researchers don’t know how common it is. This is mainly because it is difficult to define exactly what clinically relevant premature ejaculation is. In addition we males are a little too sensitive to talk about it openly particularly because we’re worried about social stigmatization. Yet in two online surveys 1,2, one from Arabic speaking men in the Middle East and the other from English-speaking men in the US between 78% and a 82% of participants reported some degree of ejaculating too early.

I am sharing my journey with you and what worked for me. I did not feel the lack of staying erect was caused by a physical problem and after I tried all the usual tips and techniques and creams, I found a resource that was useful. It may help you too and if not, just return it within a month and get your money back.

I sincerely hope you find the help you need because life is too short not too enjoy great sex with your partner.

While being unable to prolong your erection is a male performance issue,  it is
fundamentally a relationship issue.

To peak performance.Sean Anthony signatureSean Anthony

1: The Global Online Sexuality Survey (GOSS): The United States of America in 2011. Chapter I: Erectile Dysfunction Among English-Speakers

2: The Global Online Sexuality Survey (GOSS): Ejaculatory Function, Penile Anatomy, and Contraceptive Usage among Arabic-Speaking Internet Users in the Middle East

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