Natural Ways to Prolong Erection

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You can reduce outer stimulation by using some common sense. Dim the lights or make love in the dark if the sight of her naked body is too overwhelming. Your partner can help by not caressing your body or sensitive areas.

The second natural approach is to reduce the inner interest of the mind to sexual stimulation by concentrating on a non-sexual image. This is one of the oldest methods and can be found in ancient oriental love manuals.

Alternatively, Dr A. P. Pillay, an Indian sex therapist, recommends concentrating on your breathing. As you approach orgasm, focus on taking a deep breath, holding it and then focus on exhaling slowly.

The above methods work for many men however if there is a thin line between quick ejaculation and loss of erection, for you, then I suggest you read the advice of a professional sex therapist

Other natural ways to prolong erection that have traditionally been used are:Couple hugging natural ways prolong erection

Gingko Biloba leaves are believed to contain compounds that thin blood and help to improve muscle tone in the walls of blood vessels. This may enhance blood flow and thus help in sexual dysfunction. There are side effects and other drug interactions.

Crushed garlic – Amongst the numerous cures that garlic is used for it has been known that regular intake improves impotency and erection maintenance. Just watch your breath or feed it to your partner at the same time.

Yohimbe is sold as a prescription drug for erectile dysfunction and as an aphrodisiac in the United States. It is however banned in some countries, notably Germany, because it can cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure and other side effect. Use with caution.

Yohimbe for prolong erection

Your health is your wealth.


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next step to prolong your erection

You can read more at prolong erection, alternatively you can consider a prolong erection technique or pills to prolong erection.


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