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Seven techniques to prolong your erection – the good and the bad.

Three mental techniques to prolong your erection

1. Detach yourself and think of other things during sex.

Pro – it works for some people

Con – sex becomes a very physical act and lacks the intimacy you desire

2. Count or say a rhyme, again distracting yourself.

Pro – worked for a very well-known prince in the current Royal British household. He was notorious for counting aloud to stop premature ejaculation.

Con – His ex-partner stated that it was one of the key things that are detracted from them having a successful relationship. Do this silently if you must.

3. Focus on breathing slowly and trying to keep your focus only on your breathing to prolong your erection.

Pro – you can supercharge this by timing your out breath with thrusting.

Con – can be difficult to master and can feel robotic to your partner.

Bonus Mental technique for prolonging your erectionindian couple making kissing

Are you engaging in faulty thinking? Some men think that in order to pleasure themselves and their partner they must engage in sex for a long time and it involves constant thrusting. Most women (my wife and woman friends tell me) prefer not to have intercourse with a guy who brags he can last an hour and find it a turn off. Very few women are interested in just sex for sex sake, in contrast to most men who are quite happy with just sex (preferably lots of it). For them your longer lasting erection is just is a small of part of what they might consider great sex. Check with your partner what she wants and desires. This knowledge may help you relax and give you that extra control you need to have great sex.

Don’t believe me?

A 2014 study titled “Female Partner’s Perception of Premature Ejaculation and Its Impact on Relationship Breakups, Relationship Quality, and Sexual Satisfaction” in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that:

Although premature ejaculation caused distress for women, almost half of the women in the study reported more distress was caused because of :

  1. the lack of attention paid to the her sexual needs such as kissing and caressing
  2. neglect of other forms of stimulation, e.g. oral
  3. and wait for it …the exaggerated focus of their male partner on performance and endurance

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Four Physical techniques for a longer lasting erection

1.  Interrupt intercourse to prolong your erection and to try and get some control. Use your hands and mouth to keep your partner hot until you are ready to go again.yourself through sex.

Remember –  slow pace, minimum thrust – maximum depth

PS: Matt Gordon (Sex Educator) explains exactly when you should interrupt sex.

2. Apply pressure to the spot between your testicles and your anus, a short term emergency intervention

3. Change positions. Get your partner sit on top of you, face to face, rather than the missionary position. The most sensitive spot on the penis is just under the rim where the head meets the shaft and gentle upward thrusts reduces friction in this area.

4. Exercise your penis – or the pc (pubococcygeus) muscle. This is the same muscle that helps you stop urinating in an alley when a police car goes by. Masturbate to an erection, place a wash cloth on top, now lift. Graduate to a towel. Just do it.

The above are some of the techniques you can use to prolong your erection and stop premature ejaculation more from a professional sex educator at


Sean Anthony signatureSean Anthony.

Sean Anthony author Prolong Erection

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Twenty things Science tells us helps a longer stronger erection

  1. Focus on your partner, not your penis
  2. Don’t smoke
  3. Exercise more
  4. Drink less (two standard drinks per day if you must)
  5. Eat less red meat and rich dairy products
  6. Eat more fruits and veggies
  7. Focus on this time and forget about the last time
  8. Lose weight
  9. Work out with weights
  10. Relax, stress is a performance killer
  11. Check your medication is not affecting your performance
  12.  Slow down – too much thrusting, too soon is exhausting and possibly damaging
  13. Masturbate less
  14. When you masturbate, practice control
  15. Breathe – it improves oxygen and blood flow
  16. Have sex more often,
  17. Get enough Zzzz, elite athletes swear by this
  18. Wear loose underpants – let the blood flow and air circulate
  19. Focus on sex as fun and not as a performance
  20. Include your partner in seeking to prolong your erection

You can read more at prolong erection, alternatively you can consider natural ways to prolong erection or pills to prolong erection.


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